Air Culinaire redefines the in-flight experience by a menu for the people by the people

Contrary to the popular phrase, “the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach” we think the way to any person’s heart is through their stomach! Because, who wouldn’t like to gorge on a meticulously cooked delicious meal? No one we know, for sure. Now, a great dining experience isn’t limited to the confines of a fine-dine restaurant. Air Culinaire Worldwide, a Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company has announced the first ever crowd-sourced menu. This menu is created using inputs from the corporate flight attendant community. The dishes on the menu are inspired from the finest and latest culinary trends. Air Culinaire Worldwide has devised this menu in collaboration with more than 120 corporate flight attendants over three months to design every facet of the menu and packaging. They have also introduced a ceramic packaging option, as well as a new a la carte menu category, which is a result of the feedback received from the flight attendant community. In-flight experience just went two notches up with an exhaustive menu, diverse cuisines, great techniques, local cuisines and the works!

However, we can’t help but wonder if taking the opinions of several people has helped Air Culinaire or just made the task an even more difficult one! Roger Leemann, VP Culinary Operations said “Prioritizing what is important to corporate flight attendants has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on the flavors and styles that keep our menu fresh and forward thinking.” Clearly, this is definitely a step forward for Air Culinaire. In fact a step forward for the aviation industry too!

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