Amazon will host a 10 day pop-up bar in Tokyo!

Amazon has recently ventured into some pretty unexplored territory for an e-commerce site. Not only did they buy Whole Foods but also went against the foundation of their own brand by opening a physical bookstore. Based on this pattern, their latest move may either surprise you or leave you completely underwhelmed: the company will soon open a pop-up bar for ten days in Tokyo.

Amazon Bar will be located in Ginza and will serve wine, sake and of course, cocktails. The pop-up is supposedly an effort to promote alcoholic products sold on its website in Japan. “Amazon Bar will offer a wide variety of drinks procured from across the globe, and offer exclusive products as well as samples of products not yet on store shelves,” said a statement from the company.

This novel pop-up won’t have a menu; instead, a recommendation system will provide tips on what to drink while sommeliers dish out advice. Nikka whisky, Yebisu beer and other drinks will cost 500 to 1,500 yen ($4.43 to $13.30). There will also be some food items to choose from. The Amazon bar will be open in the evenings beginning October 20.


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