An experience like no other – A fine dine restaurant that is in a waterfall

While a plethora of extraordinary culinary locations have cropped up on the global landscape, a gourmet meal at the foot of a waterfall is yet refreshing. Introducing the Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City in beautiful Philippines.

Their unique waterfall restaurant sits at the foot of the Labasin Falls, giving guests picturesque views of the waterfall with a side of local cuisine as they sit on handmade bamboo tables.

The falls not only provide a stunning backdrop, but they double up as a quick massage and a post-lunch rinse off. In addition to the scrumptious spread of local dishes cooked up at the restaurant, guests can indulge in other activities like bamboo-rafting, bird watching and coconut harvesting lessons.

The stylish villa is nestled amidst a scenic environment of natural surroundings, plantations, mountains and coconut trees. I would definitely recommend adding this waterfall restaurant to your bucket list when you visit the country of Philippines.


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