Andy Warhol Inspired Perrier Bottles

We’ve seen creativity swish its hands over bottles of brands such as Evian, Coke and Perrier. Those styled on lines of the designer’s imagination: Karl Lagerfeld’s Limited Edition Diet Coke with his silhouette etched on the bottle, Marc Jacobs Coca-Cola cans and Diet Coke bottle collection, Roberto Cavalli and Jean Paul Gaultier‘s coke bottle designs. Those studded with Swarovski crystals: Perrier-Jouët bottle designed by Cimon Art, Bombay Sapphire bottles, Bling H20′s Swarovski encrusted Dubai Collection, Swarovski studded Absolut Bottles and Special Edition Imperia Vodka and last but not the least, Vallure, the world’s most luxurious vodka in pure gold bottle! Yet again adding to this creative list is a Limited Edition Andy Warhol Perrier Bottle.

These bottles come as a tribute to Andy Warhol this summer, and the art depicted on the bottle is again an inspiration drawn from the vibrant print Andy created back in the 1980s for Perrier. The vibrant color palette would be “replicated on specially-designed bottles, with four different label designs and seven different Warhol inspirations including some of his famous quotes.” Perrier would officially make the bottles available from June 24th. Apart from that, the company is also making provisions for a sweepstakes contest from June 24th to September 30th. Customers can win ‘Space Fruit: Lemons,” an original screenprint by Andy Warhol created in 1978.

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