Anita Mai Tan’s Eclectic decanter collection will blow your mind and your wallet

Anita Mai TAN is lending her creativity to a good cause with her new Eclectic Decanter Collection for Algems. The decanters capture elements of fantasy and luxury, boasting the marriage of diamonds and other precious stones in skilled craftsmanship. The project is in partnership with PE Fuels International- an organization associated with the creation of fuel enhancers that reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions. The Dragon Decanter as well as the Horse Decanter will be auctioned off next year and the proceeds used to create a non-profit organization that will fund projects aiming to reduce GHG emissions.

decenter-dragonThe Dragon Decanter features a detailed dragon embracing the decanter bottle. Symbolizing strength, courage, wisdom and longevity among other qualities, the dragon has been meticulously crafted from 2000grms of 18 K gold and encrusted with 3800 “IF” “D color” diamonds and gemstones for a total of 72 carats. The Horse Decanter meanwhile, features a horse’s head leaning on the decanter stopper with its elaborate mane wrapped around the stopper. It is made of 398 grams of 18 K white gold. The eye of the horse is a pure blue 38cts cabochon sapphire while its head is encrusted with 720 of 9cts flawless “D color” diamonds and 398 fancy cut 7.20cts sapphires.

decanter-horseAccording to industry experts the bidding for Horse Decanter will start at $680,000 while the Dragon decanter will pull in close to $890,000. Both decanters will be signed by Anita.


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