At $120, this is the most expensive crepe in the world

A Snowmass restaurant is rising up the popularity ladder by claiming to sell the priciest crepe in the world. Would you splurge $120 on a dish that usually commands only $5-$7, well Base Village thinks you may?

“Google it,” Mawa Mcqueen said with a laugh. “Nobody has a $120 crepe.”

McQueen, an Aspen chef born on the Ivory Coast and raised in Paris, debut on the culinary scene earlier this month with the Crepe Shack, in conjunction with the expanded Base Village.

The new take-out restaurant is challenging the common concept of a crepe by branching out and curating crepes with a variety of ingredients. Thankfully Mcqueen is creating savory and dessert crepes that go well beyond the conventional Nutella and cheese ones.

As of Friday, McQueen said she had sold five or six of her Nordic Caviar crepes, which come with smoked salmon from Maine, egg, dill cream sauce, and — the icing on the cake — Petrossian Classic Caviar, which she has shipped overnight from Paris.


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