Beluga joins hands with Lalique for limited edition vodka

Wine or any spirit for that matter, when poured out of an arty looking decanter certainly tastes more royal than it otherwise would. With this very thought of offering vodka lovers a royal treatment of sorts, renowned Russian vodka manufacturer Beluga has recently tied up with crystal maker Lalique to create enchanting decanters for their special vodka makes.

The collaboration aims at crafting 1000 limited-edition decanters that present a perfect amalgamation of Lalique’s rich heritage and the luxurious flavors of the Beluga spirit. Each of these exquisite flasks will be handmade by artisans based in Alsace, France with a technique that involves blowing of crystal pieces individually into an iron mold to render them their distinctive shape. The process matures further with experts refining the contrast between the clear and satin-finished crystal before a unique serial number is engraved on the bottom of each decanter. Once these handcrafted vessels make it to the Mariinsk Distillery in the heart of Siberia, Russia, refined vodka specially produced from a select wheat harvest and pure water from the artesian springs in Siberia is filled into them. Before making it for final retail, the spirit, rightly named “Epicure” is rested for 100 days before a small portion of the final distillation is collected.

The decanter featuring a nude female figure surrounded by ears of wheat essentially depict Laique’s favored theme of female, flora, and fauna and is a flawless fit for Beluga’s exclusive curation. While the first of the 1000 decanters was sold on September 9 for €11,000 ($12274) at the Off White charity auction at the Cosmoscow art fair, the rest will be made available for purchase in Russia towards the end of the year before being rolled out for sale in other markets at €6,000 ($6695).

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