Inside America’s Top-5 best-designed restaurants

2) STK Midtown- New York, NY
Bare trees greet you at the entrance but somehow spout flowers once you meet the inside revelry. Which isn’t any less interesting as what looks like a futuristic design on the ceiling is combined with elitist seating. STK claims it “artfully blends two concepts into one, the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge.”
So while steak serves as the main food attraction, complementing it, are plaster cast horns, curvilinear black platform seats and a palette of black gloss and cream. A large central lounge area furnished with creamy leather banquettes and textured crocodile tiles seal the Icrave designed stylish deal.

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1) Florida Cookery- Miami, FL
At the James Royal Palm is the hearty and unpretentious (if even self-admittedly), Florida Cookery. Clearly, the name is unassuming. It provides what it promises, Florida-style cooking in the metropolis of Miami. But it goes beyond offering this authenticity and extends its flair from food to décor that’s decidedly “bright airy and contemporary.”
Appraised for its laidback atmosphere by The New York Times, it features a luxe lounge, a vast patio and outdoor setting, all with a whole lot of wood used diligently, thanks to Rottet Studio. The makers of New York’s Affinia Shelburne and Phillipe Restaurant + Lounge from Houston, Texas succeed this time, in capturing the energy of South Beach.

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