Inside Asia’s Top-5 best designed restaurants

1) Ammo, Hong Kong

We’ll have to give it up for Hong Kong for not only making it to our list thrice but topping it too with this latest entrant. Taking cues from Jean Luc Godard’s sci-fi classic Alphaville, this grand statement space created by Wang sits amidst an unmatched setting of the city. Drawing inspiration from the historical, architectural and cultural significance of its location, it replicates the aforementioned unmatched-ness with an innovative design philosophy.
“The central feature of the space is a set of three sculptural spiral staircases (a recurring theme of the film) constructed as chandeliers purely out of copper plumbing pipes and cascading from the six-meter high ceiling.” The shades of the chandeliers borrow from military and industrial settings while the bunker-like ceiling is supported by copper ribs and lit warmly. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the surrealistic element is perfectly balanced by visible lush greenery.

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