Bompas and Parr have developed the world’s first non-melting popsicles

If you’re an avid lover of ice lollies or popsicles, you’ll know the miserable feeling of trying to keep up as the ice cream melts all over your hand, or even worse – opening a packaged popsicle only to discover, it’s already a pulpy mess inside. Bompas & Parr may have the answer. The London based studio have announced the world’s very first non-melting ice lolly which will make its debut at their SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World on August 22.

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The concept behind the icy treat actually came from 20th century inventor Geoffry Pyke who was the original inventor of long lasting ice. Pyke is credited with the invention of pyrkete – a frozen composite material that stays frozen for longer thanks to wood pulp and saw dust that is distributed evenly through the ice. The original plan for this special ice was for it to be used to create aircraft runways that would float on the surface of the oceans.

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Pyke’s original concept may have never taken off, but Bompas and Parr’s adaptation will doubtless bring joy to ice pop lovers everywhere. Their edible version, will swap sawdust and wood pulp for fruit fibres and they claim that it lasts much longer than traditional ice lollies.

Visitors to their exhibition will be invited to taste their new long lasting Popsicle, and if the treat proves popular they may bring it to a supermarket freezer near you!


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