Brooklyn will soon be home to a Quentin Tarantino themed bar

We’ve heard of plenty a people being inspired (read borderline obsessed) with celebs or on-screen personalities. However, there are few who catch a fancy for those behind the scenes like this hotelier/Businessman who took his obsession with German director and artist-Quentin Tarantino to new heights by dedicating an entire bar to his magnanimous personality.

Christened as the Williamsburg bar, the uptown place features all things, Tarantino. For starters, it includes a six-foot-tall life-like installation of Uma Thurman in the same yellow bodysuit that she wore in the Hollywood blockbuster – “Kill Bill. Alongside that, there’s a giant oil painting of Jamie Foxx on a horse that draws heavily from his role in “Django Unchained”, with the elusive bar top at the pub being inspired by another Tarantino classic, the “Inglorious Bastards”. In furthering the Tarantino love, the bar menu, designed by executive chef Kairsten Nunn, features Kill Switch burgers, Hateful Eight chicken wings, and Death Proof chili. There’s also beer and bacon flights with cocktails such as the KillBar Moscow Mule, Tarantino Iced Tea, and Bloody Bride mojito.

Located at 82 S. 4th St, the high-end bar spans a length of 2000 sq. Ft. and is built to accommodate 41 people at once. It has been conceptualized and designed KillBar’s creative director, Amar Stewart, who was specially hired by bar owner Michael Galkovich to turn the place into a Tarantino heaven of sorts. If like Glakovich, you too share an obsession with the film maker, don’t forget to make a pit stop at the Williamsburg bar on your next visit to the city!


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