Button Gourmet by Mormedi is the vending machine for those with a more refined taste in food

In some parts of the world they have vending machines for pretty much anything you can think of and those that dispense food are quite common place in the grand scheme of things; but the Mormedi ‘Button Gourmet’ is quite unlike anything we’ve seen so far. Designed by the Spanish firm to offer a user gourmet style foods, this large, self-service style vending machine is taking the food service industry to the next level. It’s been designed to look highly refined, classy and with the capability to offer its patrons some very interesting choices of food items.

With its premium styling and large, rounded form, the Button Gourmet is built on modular style platform that allows it to be customised to requirements (depending on where it’s being placed and by whom). A very intuitive and user-friendly interface that’s fed onto a large touchscreen display provides details on the choice of food you’re ordering and also has a facility to give you nutrition information on your choices of meals. The built in coffee machine looks state-of-the-art as well. It’s been prepped t be a 24/7 vender that can also dish out cold drinks along with your hot food. As vending machines go, this one is in a class all by itself.

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[Via – Design Boom]

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