Cafe in Dubai serves the world’s most expensive coffee at $25 per cup

The world’s rarest gourmet coffee has gone on sale in Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar-based coffee shop ‘ICONS Coffee Couture’. Priced at $25 per cup, the superlatively expensive ‘Kopi Luwak’ or ‘Civet Coffee’ is famously prepared by using droppings from the Asian civet cat.

The Asian civet cat (a special Viverridae specie) only eats the fruit pulp of the best and ripest coffee berries. The enzymatic action involved in this fermentation process produces the rare beans. The beans when cleaned and hand roasted are the most expensive coffee in the world.

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“We are extremely pleased to introduce the wild sourced and hand roast Kopi Luwak to ICONS Coffee dressmaking. It is an exclusive coffee experience; with the coffee being prepared in front of the opinion of the customers in a classic production ceremony. It’s a delight to watch,” Elena Weber, founder of ICONS Coffee Couture was quoted as saying.

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ICONS is just one of the few cafes in the city offering the bespoke beverage. The bling coffee costs $49 per Coffee Siphon (2 cups).

I am not sure if Kopi Luwak would ever replace my regular blend. (Let’s just say I prefer drinking cat-crap free coffee).

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