Cambridge’s Café ArtScience is taking molecular gastronomy to a whole new level

When a Harvard professor is behind a cafe, the eatery conveniently ranks high in your go-to list. We cannot deny that the definition of food has cleverly evolved over the years, from merely a mixture of ingredients to a concept. Cambridge’s Café ArtScience is one of those diners that perfectly exemplify this newly found interpretation.

cafe-artscience-5What’s on the menu? Think inhalable chocolate and Wikipearl (edible skin – no, we are not teasing). An intriguing blend of a restaurant, a bar, a gallery, a store and a performance, Café ArtScience was conceived in Paris and Cambridge. The cafe itself is quite a vision – a white-washed massive room encompassed by glass.

cafe-artscience-7The man-of-the kitchen is none other than Patrick Campbell. Previously the chef of Eastern Standard and No. 9 Park, Campbell fancies experimentation; his dishes are a careful scrutiny and a realignment of traditional fare. Over at the bar, curious guests are inhaling vaporized spirits from Le Whaf and drinking cocktails made with lime juice clarified in a centrifuge. In the dining room, things don’t smoke or spin.

cafe-artscience-9The dishes are scrumptious – we highly recommend the perfectly composed artichoke soup and the ricotta tortellini. Desserts were absolutely divine; each handcrafted by pastry chef Renae Connolly. Our personal favourite was the brown butter panna cotta with pepitas nougatine, sugar pumpkin espuma, and coffee ice cream.

cafe-artscience-8Every dish at Café ArtScience may not be revolutionary, but the care and passion with which each dish is presented, is exceptional.


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