Campari pays an ode to Italy with basil flavored gin

You may know Campari as the bitter red alcoholic beverage that’s essential to any good Negroni, but the company behind this drink actually makes quite a few alcoholic products including Aperol, Wild Turkey Bournbon, Grand Marnier and even Skyy Vodka. Now the Campari group is expanding their roster of products with the addition of O’ndina Gin.

The spirit draws inspiration from the glamour and carefree spirit of the Italian Riviera in the 1960s and the company is showcasing this aspect through promotional images that look like they are plucked from a European summer holiday. 19 Italian botanicals go into the making of this gin including two of Italy’s most famous ingredients: fresh basil from Liguria and citrus from southern Italy.

“Its high quality and distinctive flavour, with notes of fresh basil and Mediterranean herbs finished with citrus and pepper, enables it to hold its own in a variety of cocktails – as the refreshing taste profile creates a unique drinking experience with a signature gin and tonic or all-Italian Negroni – as well as appealing to the growing trend of enjoying super-premium spirits neat over ice,” said Campari Group brand ambassador, Paolo Tonnellotto.

While the gin has only been launched in the UK as of now, a global launch is in the works. Gin is not necessarily the most summery of spirits, but if there’s anything we need in the coming months it’s refreshing citrus and basil.


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