Chambong flutes: unconventional means to drinking the bubbly

I’m all for fun inventions to make life easier, but this one might just be a little too much or in the current context, a little too quick. Let me introduce the Chambong – a champagne drinking glass. But this is no ordinary flute. Notice how this glass resembles a funny shaped funnel, like the ones you’d see in a science laboratory? That’s because the bottomless, open stem is where one is supposed to guzzle their bubbly from.

Tagging themselves as ‘America’s newest pastime’, this new invention was designed to speed up the process of drinking sparkling wine. Not sure how the product will play with actual Champagne lovers, red carpet walkers or gala goers but it might be the new fun thing to bring to a Wednesday night after-work party where cheaper alternatives are served.

Available for purchase from the Chambong site for $25, the company hopes this will be the next best thing considering they’ve arrived at its concept based on facts from people drinking Champagne. In my opinion, if I wanted to drink my bubbly that fast, I’d drink it straight out of the bottle. Just saying.

[ Chambong Via Chiclaunches ]

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