Champagne Louis Roederer and Philippe di Meo launch $26,000 limited edition Jeroboam

Luxury has always been a necessity for most of us, but for those with a flair for the extraordinary, the Cuvee Cristal 2002 should satiate. Luxury designer extraordinaire Philippe di Meo has teamed up with Champagne Louis Roederer to produce a limited edition Jeroboam design for the Cuvee Cristal 2002. The appearance of the bottle itself screams luxury, and one might as well imagine how luscious the inner content will be. Cristal’s distinctive clear glass bottle encased in a lattice of 24-carat gold provides the ultimate in luxury wine tasting in this day and age where appearance is everything.

Each bottle takes four days to create by two master goldsmiths, and the result is described as being “inspired by the greatest traditions of jewelry.” The limited-edition Jeroboam design for the Cuvee Cristal 2002 is indeed a jewel in the real sense. A precious jewel to gift to someone special or, even better, a gift of luxury to your own taste buds.

[Via – Thedrinksbusiness]