Check out Aragog – The Mexican cocktail made from Tarantula venom

If experiencing the thrill of borderline fatality excites you enough, we may just have to dollop of excitement that your lack luster to-do-list is looking for. Enter Aragog- an exquisite cocktail made from mango juice, lemon and a dash of Tarantula venom! Yup, you heard us. A drink only for the daring soul, this one comes with a drop of spidery malice in a glass!

Created by Romeo Palomares, chief mixologist at the Luciferina Bar, in Mexico City, the idea of it all struck him when his boss asked him to conjure a cocktail for impressing his patrons. It is this quest that took him to the famous witchcraft market of Sonora, where a female vendor dared him to try small dose of Tarantula venom by assuring him zero health hazards. After a five-day long ordeal of trails and tests, Palomares finally came up with the most interesting mix of all and named it Aragog, in memory of the giant spider mentioned in J.K. Rowling’s books.

The deliciously dangerous drink is made with Mexican mezcal, Chilean pisco and Brazilian cachaça, mango juice, a touch of lemon and 0.05% tarantula venom per 500 ml of the drink. Not for the faint hearted, the Aragog can cause your tongue to waggle and go numb and can also cramp up your throat for a good two hours! If you still fancy trying a venomous drink for yourself, walk in to the Luciferna Bar in Mexico for a dare of a lifetime!


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