Check out the world’ most expensive Cronut prized at $2000

Well, don’t we all love cronut? These sugary delights are the best companion with your breakfast coffee and make for the perfect dessert for those after-dinner cravings. There really is no wrong time to have a cronut! But with your beloved dessert being priced at $2000, you might want to rethink!

Dums Dums Donutterie And JUST EAT Create World's Most Expensive 'Cronut'
Taking their cronut love to ridiculous levels is Dom Dom Donutterie, a London based bakery who have created the world’s most expensive cronut. This cronut is a cross between and croissant and a regular cronut and will be labeled “The Luxury Zebra Cro”. The Cro will have layers of chocolate and cronut in a rough zigzag, rightly suiting its name. What makes this creation a $2000 affair you wonder? This cronut variant will be made from special croissant cronut as opposed to regular cronut and will contain saffron-infused butter and Tahitian vanilla beans. It will be topped off with Cristal rosé Champagne caviar and delicate pure gold leaf. The chocolate that will be used to make these delights is rare Amedei Porcelana chocolate, which is dark chocolate made by the Amedei chocolatier of Tuscany and boasts of being the most expensive chocolate in the world.

“The Luxury Zebra Cro” is specially created for the launch of the Just Eat food festival in London. With the delicate use of ingredients and the toppings of caviar and gold, the cronut looks nothing less than a masterpiece and is sure priced like one!

[ Via : Fox13news ]

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