Check out the world’s first 3D printing restaurant- Food Ink

Ever thought your food could be printed right in front of your eyes? Making this possible is London’s first-ever 3D printing restaurant-Food Ink. Taking revolutionary fine-dine to an all-new level, Food Ink is set to concoct a gastronomical experience for the customers like no other. The food along with the utensils and the furniture will all be 3D printed for the guests to enjoy at this pop-up restaurant.

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Chefs Joel Castanye and Mateu Blanch will use 3D printers manufactured by a Dutch company, Flow for presenting this experience. These portable multi-material printers are inbuilt to 3D print anything that can be turned into edible paste. Michelin famed chef Joel Castanye will present a nine-course wonder meal for the guests with the food being served on 3D printed utensils designed by artist Iwona Lisiecka. The entire experience can be savored while being seated on 3D printed chairs designed by Arthur Mamou-Mani. To provide an all-round futuristic dining experience, the restaurant will also offer virtual reality headsets with visual projections on the surrounding walls and AI-composed music.
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The restaurant will host a limited 10 guests each day from July 25- 27 for this multi-sensory dining experience. While this unique food fest can be enjoyed at $ 250, fret not if you cannot make it as the experience will be live-streamed for all to view. Guests who do not wish to spend lavishly can walk into the restaurant on the two public open days to sample some 3D snacks and try their hand at printing some food themselves. Backed by jaw-dropping technology and filled with quirk, this is one experience worth having!
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