Chef Yujia Hu creates an appetizing pair of Sushi shoes

For fashionistas with an appetite, here’s some good news! You can now expect your food to look just as gorgeous as those plunging necklines in your wardrobe, courtesy sushi chef Yujia Hu who recently created a one-of-kind sushi platter that also doubles as a prime example of unique onigiri art. Delicately made and decorated with love, the Sushi platter takes form of a shoe without robbing your desire of gobbling it down in any way.

Skilled both in art and cooking, Milan based chef Yujia Hu assembled these quirky shoes using traditional sushi ingredients such as sashimi (Raw fish), seaweed, and sticky rice. With his meticulous approach, Hu has transformed a string of real-life shoes into edible art. A close peek into his collection, and you can instantly spot Nike and Adidas and a range of other trendy basketball sneakers along with casual slip on sandals in edible little versions. While his designs are all conventional, his detailing speaks of the painstaking efforts that are in fact involved in making food look this good!

While Yujia Hu’s work on edible art is nothing short of impressive, this isn’t the first time someone has played around with Sushi artistically. In the past, we have seen several chefs turn the Japanese dish into unique versions of colorful koi fish, graphic patterns and eclectic mosaics. As for the sushi shoes, the price of savoring these delectable wonders remains unknown.


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