Could this be the most expensive Chocolate Easter Bunny in the world?

Luxury website takes its festivities quite seriously! After celebrating an explosive Christmas, the site is now offering you a truly decadent Easter with the world’s most extravagant Chocolate Easter Bunny. The luxurious confection is the handiwork of award winning Chocolatier & International Pastry Consultant, Martin Chiffers, created in collaboration with luxury jeweler 77 Diamonds. The life sized bunny (approx. 38 cm high) weighs around 5 kilograms and is carved from a solid piece of ultra-rich 75% Tanzania Origin chocolate. The bunny’s sparkling eyes are actually 1.70ct Round Brilliant diamonds (G Color and GIA certified and boast VS clarity) from 77 Diamonds who possess the largest selection of diamonds in the world. They boast a combined value of over £25,000 (more than $37,000!).

chocolate-easter-bunny-3Chiffers spent two days creating and perfecting the edible masterpiece. At the foot of the bunny, he carved three chocolate eggs and covered them with gold leaf for some additional shine. The product of his hard work will set you back by a cool $49,000. But don’t worry, nobody expects you to eat 5 kg of chocolate in a day (that’s 548,000 calories, by the way!). If stored in the right conditions the chocolate critter can be displayed for upto two years. Storage at 16°C is recommended.

[Via – Very-First-To]

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