These delish chocolate bars are inspired by the tiles used at Paris Metro Stations

Inspiration is indeed a crazy thing and proving so is a Paris-based design studio that recently came up with chocolate bars styled to look like just the tiles from Paris Metro Stations! Going by the name of Noir Vif, the ingenious creatives have put together three different types of chocolate packs, each coming with a small piece of the tile for keepsake, and a mazed chocolate to go along with it.

The idea was conceptualized on the request of RATP (the Paris public transportation operator), that is celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the Paris Regional Express Railway (RER) network. Product designers AndrÈ Fontes and Guillaume Lehoux, the minds behind the custom chocolates were apparently inspired by the various characters, colors and patterns of ‘Briare enamel tiles’ that have been lining the walls of the train stations since the late ’70s.

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There are three different types of treats up for grabs, each showing a gradience and pattern differing from the other. Apart from the actual taste of the chocolate, its outer packaging is a steal for it looks like a deceptively real tile-pack! The box also contains some text on the railway’s history, for those interested at all. Choco lovers with a train fetish, what could do you better than this!

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