Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Series to now include a 26-year-old single malt from a demolished Pittyvaich distillery

After launching in 2014, Diageo’s Orphan Barrel series has entailed a long range of forgotten whiskey stocks. And while connoisseurs have been most pleased with it, the collection has failed to include a well-rounded scotch variant to date. However, in shuffling things for the better the series will now include an exotic single malt called the ‘Forager’s Keep’.

The 26-year-old single malt comes from a lesser known Pittyvaich distillery that operated for 18 years until it was closed in 1993 and later demolished. Owing to its short operational life, the resultant spirit is “one of the most rarely seen single malts of all” and is thus highly-sought for in the whiskey market. Bottled at 48% ABV, the exotic Forager’s keep boasts aromas of freshly cut fruits and vanilla, a “warming taste with a hint of wood” and a sweet finish. It further includes big notes of marshmallow fluff, apricot, peach and apple along with a nuttiness and citrusy quality that is common to most Speyside whiskies.

The spirit is priced at around $400 per 750 ml bottle and is set to join the likes of a few bourbons, some Tennessee whiskey, and Canadian whiskey that already form part of the Orphan Barrel collection. Forager’s Keep is the 14th release of the series and is scheduled to hit shelves during the latter part of 2019.


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