Dinner in the Sky – a whole new level of open air dining, coming soon to Malaysia

Rooftop restaurants and rooms with views not thrilling enough for you? Then, Dinner in the Sky is waiting just for you at Malaysia! For the whole month of August, Dinner in the Sky is calling foodies and thrill-seekers to enjoy a meal while being suspended mid-air, hundreds of feet from the ground. Guests can expect to be served a fancy five-course meal of miso black cod, braised Wagyu beef cheek, smoked dust crest and mille feuille; and balsamic beetroot carpaccio and fresh silken tofu with homemade yuzu caviar for the vegans. The novelty experience will give guests a breath-taking view of Kuala Lampur city as is turns from evening to twilight, with the Petronas Towers and the KL Tower in the background, all in level view.

Dinner in the Sky is a thrill-seeking concept, definitely not for the faint hearted! The idea emerged out of a Belgian partnership between a communication agency solely focusing on gastronomic and gourmet experiences and pleasures along with a crane crazy company specialized in amusement park installations. Dinner in the Sky has hosted gravity-defying dinners in over 40 countries for hundreds of patrons with nothing but their adrenaline to keep them afloat!

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The Dinner in the Sky Malaysia chapter runs for the entire month of August, at two slots every evening – 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Each ticket is priced at $160 (RM 599) per seat. Though all the seats sold out within the first few hours of the announcement of the event, there have been rumors and hints of standby entries from the waiting list, so don’t hesitate to get on the list! Unless, you’re acrophobic.

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Call +60 32282 6413 or visit the website to be updated.

[Via – Life Style Asia]