Discontinued Cadbury Caramilk has hit eBay for a whopping $1,000

Those with a chocolate fetish may be aware of the Cadbury Caramilk that came up for sale a while back. The tempting chocolate bar, that was re-manufactured by the brand after a twenty years overhaul, was sold out within minutes of it hitting the shelves, leaving many chocolate lovers craving for it.

However, a piece of the delicious Caramilk is up again on sale, only this time for 200 times its original price! Making business out of it dearth, a clever investor from Victoria has recently posted a 190-gram bar of the chocolate on e-bay, inviting fellow chocolate lovers for a pricey buy in. Initially valued for just $5 per bar, the anonymous seller is now attempting to give it away for staggering $1000. He also confirms that the bar is not part of last month’s manufacture recall, and is in a safely edible condition with a best before date of 24/01/2019.

After Caramilk’s limited edition offer in February, many have attempted the sell it back for prices ranging anywhere between $4.50 to $89.95. However, none have matched up its recent re-sale value of $1,000. All said, if you are loaded with money and can’t stop dreaming about the Caramilk, here’s your chance to buy it for a whopping price. And if it’s any solace, the tag comes inclusive of shipping costs!


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