Eating a gourmet meal in a dumpster for a good cause, Salvage Supperclub means well

This is Salvage Supperclub. It hopes to encourage and inspire people to cook and eat edible food and reduce waste, by creating “engaging and exciting food experiences” that support good causes. The engaging experience includes invitations that come like: “A Night of Fine Dining in a Dumpster”. Literally. This concept was created by New York-based Josh Treuhaft, an industrial designer, who came up with this “idea to educate diners about food waste via a multicourse, produce-centric meal served in a dumpster, which has been outfitted as a cozy dining room”. People were hosted in Brooklyn, Berkley, California, and San Francisco to a meal that was prepared from ingredients that “would have been thrown away”. One food writer, Sarah Henry, describe what she was served – “Wilted basil, bruised plums, past-their-prime tomatoes, vegetable pulp, surplus squash, whole favas (we’re talking even the tough outer layer), garbanzo bean water, dairy whey, sweet potato skins and overripe, peel-on bananas. “The idea was launched in Treuhaft in 2013 as part of his Design for Social Innovation master’s degree thesis at New York’s School of Visual Arts.

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The meal costs between $80 to $125 and is meant to raise awareness on food wastage. Also, profits from these dinners, a 25 percent, are donated to charities. One was Food Runners in San Francisco that disctributes excess food from the city’s restaurants to needy people. Another was Food Shift, a food recovery organsiation. There are two events coming up in Bay Area San Francisco and food donators will include ImperfectProduce, Cerplus , and Bi-Rite Market. The food is prepared by Chef Pesha Perlsweig, who says: “All of the money, time and energy that it took to get that food in to your kitchen, from the farm, to the transportation, to the packaging, to all the people who had to touch that food…it’s all wasted when the food isn’t eaten.”

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