Factors to keep in mind when setting up your own fine dining restaurant

As an aspiring restaurant owner, having the ideal kitchen not only involves having expert chefs but also includes purchasing the best kitchen appliances. In this article, we are going to look at various factors you should consider when purchasing restaurant equipment.

The first thing you should ask yourself before buying any kitchen appliance is whether it is suitable for a commercial kitchen.
Purchasing domestic appliances for use in a commercial kitchen is not only a waste of money but can be dangerous. They are unable to handle the day to day demands of a restaurant and manufacturers will not offer warranties in case of breakdowns.

The appliance you purchase should serve its intended purpose. A great appliance for your commercial kitchen should be able to produce as much food as is needed.

Additionally, the equipment should also be able to cater to the growing population of customers. This minimizes the chances of getting newer equipment in the event of a slight increase in customers.

Energy sufficiency:
A restaurant is a business that uses a lot of energy in its daily running. As such, it is wise to buy equipment that is energy sufficient and will bring your electricity and energy bill to manageable levels.

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Most times, energy sufficient appliances will cost more. However, the lifetime cost of the appliances should be the deciding factor. Energy sufficient kitchen equipment brings down utility costs up to 20%. This is a significant figure that trickles down to the overall profits.

The price and your budget:
Finances play a big role in the success of any business. Coming up with a budget is an important factor. As such, you should always check the price tag on any appliance you are looking to buy to ensure you are within your budget.

There is also a reason why some appliances will cost $10 while others will go beyond the $1000 mark. Some factors like functionality, size, and purpose will determine how much an appliance costs.

Looking into the size of the appliance is crucial in making your purchasing decision. For starters, the size of your restaurant or the space available for appliances is the determining factor as to which size to purchase.

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The size will also depend on your intended purpose. For instance, if you are buying a stand mixer, the size of the mixer you buy depends on the number of pastries baked in a day, which is also determined by your customer flow.

Ease of function:
Restaurant employees sometimes quit or are fired. It is the reason why it is important to select a kitchen appliance that is easy to use.
When new staff is hired, they should have a pretty easy time learning how to use the appliance. It should be the most user-friendly model in the market.

The appliances’ ease of function also refers to how easy it is to maintain it. A complicated piece will require extra amounts of energy in the usage which, in turn, leads to a lack of optimization of the appliance’s benefits.

Maintenance costs:
As if thinking of the price of the kitchen appliance is not enough, you should also consider how much it will cost you to maintain it. It is critical for any business to ensure their working appliances and machines are always in proper working conditions. That is why maintenance costs should be among the top things on your mind when purchasing kitchen equipment.

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As such, routine maintenance checks are recommended. They minimize the amount of money and downtown you will suffer in case one of the major kitchen appliances breaks down. Calling a repairman or engineer every time there is a breakdown is very costly. These costs can significantly be minimized with routine checks.

Additionally, you should also consider the reliability and availability of spare parts, in case of a breakdown.

The material from which appliance is made from will influence your purchasing decision when shopping for commercial kitchen appliances. Appliances are made from different materials. It is for you as the restaurant owner to know the type of material that would not only compliment your restaurant but also be the right fit.

For example, you could go for cookers made from carbon steel as they heat up and cool down faster, maximizing efficiency.