Would you fancy buying a $500 milkshake filled with Remy Martin cognac?

Luxury has no bounds, and this has once again been reinstated by The Powder Room – a plush bar in the heart of Los Angeles. The super bar that is known for its high-end audiences and the frequent foot-fall of celebrity clientele recently upped its quotient with a cocktail milkshake that costs a jaw-breaking $500! Yep, you read that right! It comes loaded with the most exotic of ingredients and is certainly worth a try if you have em’ cash!

Called the ‘The Velvet Goldmine,’ the ludicrously priced drink is a paradise in its own right. It is built with a crystal goblet lined with Amedei Porcelina chocolate (costing $90 per pound) as a base. The deadly shake is then pounded with four scoops of English Lavender and Tahitian vanilla organic ice cream that alone costs $25 per slab. For an exquisite dose of toppings, bananas are caramelized and added to it along with imported Belgian truffles. However, the ingredient that makes the drink bank-wrenching is the Remy Martin Louis 13 cognac that sells for $3200 per bottle.

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Apart from the expensive cognac, The Velvet Goldmine also consists of Bacardi Reserve Limitada rum, a 15-year Drambuie whiskey, and sprinkles of the Speyside malt whiskeys. The luxe ingredients are finally matched by a generous dusting of 24-karat edible gold flakes. For $500 you not only get to taste exotica but can also take home a complimentary Waterford Crystal chalice Swarovski crystal cocktail ring. All said, this truly is luxury in a glass!

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