Finally someone designed a spill proof wine glass

What can be more upsetting and frustrating than to watch wine spill on your favorite dress or your brand new carpet? This can now be a thing of the past with the new spill proof wine glasses by Super Duper Studio. These glasses do not have a stem like the normal wine glass but is designed in a way by which it spins around its base and rights itself without fully tipping over.

saturn-glasses-3These glasses are a culmination of four years of research. The molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold. It is then annealed (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve the material stresses) overnight. These can hold 125ml-175ml of wine and can be stacked into one another when need to be stored. They are extremely light and comfortable to hold. The one thing that the designers have not been able to address is that without a stem, the temperature of the hand can affect the temperature of the wine.

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These glasses are available at emailing the Super Duper Studio Designs. So to enjoy your glass of wine without having to stress and worry about those stubborn stains, you need to order your glasses today.





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