Finally this custom caviar collection has arrived to the US

French caviar producer, Sturia is set to storm up the US markets with its custom caviar collection. Sturia’s acclaimed Sturgeon which already retails at New York grocery store Le District will now reach consumers minus the middlemen with the launch of its ecommerce site in October 2016. While the consumers can enjoy the brand’s caviar at restaurants L’Appart and Bagatelle, they can now lay hands on the full caviar range with its ecommerce launch.

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Handmade and specially curated from start to end, Sturia’s Haute couture collection as it’s named will be a treat for your senses. It offers a range of low-salt flavorful caviars classified into three categories of Primeur, Vintage, Oscietra. The Sturia Primeur, refined for less than four weeks is creamy in texture with a hint of hazelnut and is an ideal fit for debutant connoisseurs. The Sturia Vintage, the brand’s signature caviar is refined for 3 to 8 months and offers a complexity of subtle flavors that burst into an amalgamation of fruity and salted zests on consumption. The Sturia Oscietra which is again refined for 3 to 8 months is a part of the brand’s exclusive Russian Strugeon. The Oscietra offers bronze beads with lingers of marine spurts and an underlying taste of dry fruit. While Oscietra belongs to the Acipenser GUELDENSTAEDTII sturgeon specie, the Primeur and Vintage are a part of the Acipenser BAERII sturgeon. Up on offer will also be Sturia’s Classic collection which has a powerful flavor and is an ideal fit for cooking and the Christmas collection (available during December only),refined for less than 10 days with a core flavor of fresh hazelnut.
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What makes Sturia much admired is its focus on sustainability and research. The brand designs its ponds in a way to recreate a natural environment for the sturgeons to develop and their fish are fed the best granules, plants, minerals and vitamins to ensure a quality produce. As per Laurent Dulau, Sturia Worldwide CEO, the brand aims at showing Americans authentic, yet simple ways to taste, cook and gift caviar. Living up to its philosophy quite well, Sturia’s impeccable caviar range served right at your fingertip can easily be your occasional (or daily) dose of gourmet!
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Caviar Classic

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Caviar Vintage

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