Foie Gras’ retraces its steps back to Californian restaurants

For about 1 and half years, the French culinary delight foie gras was banned in the state of California. After much, protest, a judge finally announced the reversal of the ban of Wednesday.

“It will be back on the menu tomorrow,” said Sean Chaney, chef-owner of Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach, adding: “It’s awesome… what a way to start the newyear.”

Of course, opponents of foie gras which is produced by force-feeding geese or ducks were not particularly pleased with the decision.

“Foie gras is French for fat liver. And fathead is the American word for the shameless chefs” who serve the gourmet food, said animal rights protection group PETA. “A line will be drawn in the sand outside any restaurant that goes back to serving this torture in a tin,” it added in a statement.

In 2004, the ban was agreed upon by lawmakers but seven and a half years was given to restaurateurs to comply with the ruling. Restaurants serving the dish can be fined up to $1,000.

In his ruling Wednesday, US District Judge Stephen Wilson wrote that the law was unconstitutional because it interferes with an existing federal law regulating poultry products. The foie gras ban was “a topic impacting gourmands’ stomachs and animal activists’ hearts,” the judge wrote.

The ban was a result of an association of producers who supply Canada’s foie gras imports to the United States and Hudson Valley Foie Gras, the largest US producer, sued in Los Angeles to overturn the law.

Lawyer Michael Tenenbaum, who filed the civil suit against the state of California, said his clients alone are losing at least $15,000 per day as a result of the law.

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