For $265 a model or an actress will deliver your lunch

A Japanese tiffin service is offering a celebrity spin on the traditional bento by introducing female models and actresses as delivery persons. A spokesperson for the company -Platinum Lunch- explained that the decision was made after they received several complaints from their customers who were not satisfied with the manners of the delivery men. Did someone say First World Problems?

The service is intended for lunches at meetings, seminars and events, and is only made available for corporate customers. Each order must be at least ¥30,000 ($263). The delivery will then be made by an actress or model signed to Platinum Production which is one of the best known talent agencies in Japan. The models will be trained to be polite and provide attentive service. “Orders must be placed three days in advance so that the delivery women can study the ingredients and details. They must be able to explain the menu to the customers,” said Kenji Sakamoto, a spokesperson for Platinum Lunch.

Japan is well known to have high standards of politeness and courtesy, but this sounds a bit crazy even to us. Remember that no model or actress is going to do this for fun, customers may be paying over $250 dollars per meal, but the models are probably paid many multiples of that for each delivery. And to order your tiffin three days in advance just so an actress can memorize the menu? Thanks, but no thanks. Our regular delivery guy may not be the most talkative, but we’re not celeb crazy enough to go down this road.

[Via – Business-Insider]

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