From Russia with love – The $ 1900 Vodka that comes in a golden Faberge egg

We’ve sampled many a vodka before, however, not once have we guzzled up thy merriment off a golden egg. Here’s to make that possible is the Imperial Collection Fabergé vodka collection that comes to in a glittering decanter of sorts and claims to be one of the most expensive vodka in world.

Though seemingly novel, the exotic vodka has its roots in the early 1700’s, when it was first created to impress Russian Tsar Peter the Great. It is apparently made with water from Ladoga Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Europe, alongside wheat and rye, sourced specially from central and southern Russia. The egg, on the other hand is made of metal alloy coated in gold enamel and decorated with 24-carat gold gilding and blue, red and green crystals. The entire package includes a 75cl decanter of Imperial Collection vodka and four Venetian glasses, all presented in an enchanting egg (available in a Gold, Silver and Blue options) worth $1600.

As stated by Ruslan Grigoryev, export director for The Ladoga Group, “Every element of our Imperial Collection Fabergé range is unique and presents a special opportunity for the global travel retail market.” The company produces 1,200 eggs a year in a range of colors, 20% of which are sold in the travel retail sphere. The Imperial Collection Fabergé vodka collection will be showcased at the TFWA show in Cannes this October.


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