Giorgio Armani celebrates Ramadan with exclusive collection of chocolates

Giorgio Armani introduces luxury chocolates for the month-long Muslim festival – Ramadan. The neatly packed box has been decorated for the occasion, wrapped in silky smooth gold paper adorned with an open lotus flower design and an emerald green gem at the center. The contents are chocolates free of alcohol, made in milk chocolate and filled with dried fruits and honey, infused with saffron and cardamom. To make the sweets more alluring, Armani has decorated the chocolates with different designs, the most being in emerald green sugar.

The chocolates have been named as Ramadan by Armani, and will be available until the end of August in all Armani/Dolci stores in Kuwait City, Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Malaysia, and European countries like New York and Milan. Ramadan starts from July 9 and goes on until August 8.

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Traditionally, the day long fast is broken by sunset with Iftar foods such as dried fruits like dates, hard-boiled eggs and sweets, now opulent Muslims can break their fast with a box of Ramadan. Greetings!

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