Glenlivet Winchester Collection a collection of rare single malt scotchs sells for $25,000 a bottle

Glenlivet’s much anticipated Winchester Collection has finally arrived! The collection named after master distiller Alan Winchester, is a series of rare and precious 50 year old single malt Scotch whiskies that will draw the eyes of collectors and connoisseurs the world over. This collection has all the makings of a true family treasure, it’s the kind of thing that gets passed down from generation to generation with every year adding not only to its age but also to its pricelessness and flavor. This collection makes Glenlivet the very first Scotch whisky brand to release such an indisputably exclusive collection of 50 year old single malts.

Glenlivet has, at long last, made available the first releases from this collection –its prestigious Vintage 1964. 100 bottles of this Speyside single malt will go on sale across the world, and the very first bottle (Bottle One) will be available for purchase at one of the world’s most respected retailers, Harrods, this October. The price of each bottle is a bank breaking $25,000.

A rare and coveted spirit deserves a worthy vessel, the Vintage 1964 is presented in a bottle made of hand blown glass- its beauty accentuated with materials like rose gold and Cairngorm Stone- crafted by artisans from the British Isles. The spirit itself is rich and full bodied, reflecting the care and skill of mater distillers who have spent years perfecting it.

Even as we gear up to lay claim to our own bottle of history, we’re buzzing with excitement at the announcement that the next vintage to go on sale will be the 1966. If these whiskeys were up for auction, we’re pretty sure a Hunger Games situation would ensue!

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