Godiva celebrate 90 with a collage of gems from its past and present

Divine chocolate maker ‘Godiva’ has turned 90. To celebrate this occasion, they have collaborated with a well-known artist Oil-B to launch a limited edition gold anniversary collection of eight of the brand’s iconic chocolates. They make musical melody out of the heavenly taste of chocolate. The collection consists of eight legends- one from each decade of Godiva.

Lady Noir from 1926 recreated from Pierre Draps’ (Godiva’s original Maître Chocolatier) earliest recipes, Signature Lait from 1939 – a velvety coffee ganache, decorated with a feather and created for the movie ‘Gone With The Wind’. The rich milk chocolate encased liquid caramel ‘Ecusson from 1968 – featuring a lion rampant to mark Godiva’s appointment to the Royal Court of Belgium, the Coeur Blanc from 1945, Noblesse from 1959, Nippon from 1972, Aztèque from 1992 and Mousse Meringue from 2015. The ninth piece is a tribute to this year, 2016. Called Egérie Noir, it is a raspberry ganache, delicately balanced with essence of rose petals, and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate. Some people are serious about their chocolates. Shouldn’t such people be considered as equivalents to high priests? They serve mankind in the most humble, yet captivating manner. Just writing about these has made me faintish. If only I could get my hands on a box. Oh wait! I can! It is available at the Dubai Duty Free for Dhs 126, where it was pre-launched last month! It is now available globally at $35.50.

[ Via : Moodiereport ]

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