Gold-leaf infused beer makes for a glimmering Christmas drink

The Christmas season calls for an aura of exquisiteness, uniqueness and celebration. What better way is there to pack all of these inside a bottle than a “brewed with gold leaf,” right? Manufactured by Pang Pang brewery based in Stockholm, the Yellow Snow beer will be available in limited numbers and will come in a champagne-like bottle, for extra zing. The Pang Pang brewery is no stranger to highly experimental beers and the Yellow Snow is perhaps the jewel in its crown. After the entire beer-making process is completed, gold leaf flakes are added to this beer. While these gold leaf flakes aren’t uncommon in food items like olive oil, this is one of the few times the same has been added to the otherwise grisly drink, beer! We’ve also spotted a gold-leaf beer previously, manufactured by the Brasserie du Pays Fleming.

The gold leaf flakes inside the beer magically turn the entire bottle into a drinkable snow-globe. The beer also contains 7.9% alcohol, given the fact that gold is identified with the number 79 on the periodic table. While this may seem to extravagant for those who’re a little too used to drinking tankards of beer every Christmas, the Yellow Snow is a collector’s dream and will grab the attention of beer and snow-globe aficionados alike. Only 1900 units of this beer will be made and sold.

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[Via – Trendhunter]

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