Grey Goose creates the world’s most intimate bar on wheels

What ice-cream truck does to children, Grey Goose camionnette does to adults. Grey Goose earlier this year packed the world’s most intimate martini bar into a re-purposed camionnette (delivery van), to drive through the streets of Edinburgh and peddle its two week integrated campaign. Grey Goose worked together with Ragged Edge, a branding strategist to tell the brand’s intrinsic story in an unusually engaging way.

grey-goose-camionnette-bar-2For the pop-up, a Citroën van was restored to create a fully functional luxury bar. The outside told the brand’s intrinsic story through a window showcasing bread made from the same superior wheat used to create Grey Goose vodka. A peephole on the reverse enabled the curious to get a tantalizing glimpse of the beautiful martini bar inside.

grey-goose-camionnette-bar-3Handpicked influencers were invited to a private consultation with a mixologist inside the bar, where they received a bespoke martini created to their personal taste.

[Via – Tuvie]

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