A paradise for chocolate lovers: This full-fledged chocolate hall finds its way at Harrods, London

Think of a place where you find decadent chocolate creations that you can savor in a luxe setting of sorts! Sounds like a dream? Well, making it happen for you is Luxury Departmental StoreHarrods with a newly renovated chocolate hall.

Opened in association with Executive Pastry Chef Markus Bohr, the hall marks 150 years of chocolate history. It is brought to fruition with the best of the best confectionery partners from all over the world (think William Curley, Pierre Marcolini, and To’ak, to name but a few) and is a testament to confectionary prowess at best.

The place will present an unrivaled selection of chocolate-covered fruit and nuts (with additions like dark-chocolate-coated Amarena cherries); a range of hand-finished truffles; and the classic Harrods Gold Bar that is made by following a recipe that dates back to over 20 years.

It will further give connoisseurs a chance to devour chocolate lines that Bohr has exclusively created for Harrods over the years.
Commenting on it, the pastry chef in a statement said, ‘Our couverture is one of our pillars; part of our uniqueness… It is a fantastic chocolate, and the only place you can get it is at Harrods.’

Well, if chocolate is what you truly need– head over to Harrods!

[Via: The Telegraph]

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