Have a look at the world’s most expensive ‘aged’ chocolate from Ecuador

While spending $ 270 on 50 grams of chocolate may not be the wisest thing do in life, buffs like me would nonetheless blow up their stash on divine varieties of the brown! One such exotic kind is an aged To’ak chocolate, made from the rarest and the most ancient Nacional cacao. Alleged to be the most expensive chocolate in the world, the bittersweet selection comes all the way from Ecuador and is known for its refined aging and intriguing taste.

Produced using the finest of cacao and cane sugar, the “vintage” chocolate is blended and aged to perfection, using the primmest of techniques. Certified as “halal”, the exclusive variety comes in three flavors: dark, light and first edition. While the dark version is made from 80.5% cacao, the lighter one consists of a 73% concentration. The strongest of the lot though, is the first edition which is made with 81% cacao. Each of these aged chocolates are prepared in limited edition batches of 250 (50 grams) bars and 574 bars for the dark/light and first edition versions respectively.

Sourced exclusively from 14 cacao growers in the valley of Piedra de Plata, Ecuador, To’ok chocolates are infamously opulent and are often used by Michelin-starred chefs in their experiments. As for the above, each chocolate bar comes wrapped in a hand-crafted Spanish Elm wood box that also includes a pair of hand-made tasting utensils. For being priced at $ 270 ($260 for the First Edition), these unique chocolates ought to taste like a piece of heaven!


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