He used a champagne flute to uncork a bottle of Dom Perignon, and it worked!

A ridiculously hilarious video has gone viral recently of a man using a champagne flute to uncork a bottle of champagne – as if using your finger or using a wine-opener is so 2003! The video seen below, is actually rather comical where Nikolaj Makar simply ditches the use of his finger and uses a champagne flute to open a bottle of Dom Perignon. This episode is shot as he stands on a balcony at the Copenhagen Hotel d’Angleterre in Denmark.

Of course, we can easily conclude that Nikolaj Makar cherishes the finer things in life. I gave this a thought; and swiftly deduced that if I had experimented with this champagne flute, there would either be a broken thumb, or a shattered glass somewhere – thankfully someone out there did have the sense to invent a wine-opener. One wonders, why didn’t Nikolaj just made use of that!

YouTube video


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