Hello Kitty wine is now a thing and here’s where to find it

Hello Kitty enthusiasts will be interested to learn that their favorite cartoon cat now has a personal wine label. Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty have joined hands with the Torti Winery in Italy to create a series of wines that feature the iconic character on the label. Though this is venturing into the strange territory (why do we need cartoons to sell wine?) since Hello Kitty is a cartoon we may associate with kids who aren’t even old enough to drink wine, on the other hand, Hello Kitty has fans of all ages like this dedicated Singaporean, who is definitely old enough to enjoy a drink. Plus, Kitty’s birthplace Japan is home to all things cute, so it is likely people will welcome a bottle of wine endorsed by their favorite character.

Patrizia Torti, a member of the family that owns the winery said she was contacted by Sanrio to initiate production of a Hello Kitty wine after some of the company’s employees sampled Torti wine at a restaurant. The family has been setting aside some harvest for Hello Kitty wines since 2007! “My father and my sister take care of the production, from the soil to picking the grapes,” said Torti. “We produce a special bottle with a heart, only for Hello Kitty.” The range which includes sparkling rosés, sparkling white wines, and red wine is reportedly not limited edition.

Currently, the only place to sample the drink in the U.S. is at a Southern California restaurant called Antonello Ristorante located in Santa Ana. Hopefully, Torti will be able to expand her reach and allow more people to experience the Hello Kitty wine

[ Via : Cnet ]

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