Hennessy has partnered with for award winning architect Daniel Libeskind for designing the bottling of its rarest cognacs

Savoring spirits from an artisanal bottle is a dream! And giving us a chance to experience it is Hennessy in association with renowned Polish American architect – Daniel Libeskind. Together the two have worked on the design for the former’s rare bottling titled ‘Richard Hennessy.’

Named after the founder of the brand, the Richard Hennessy cognac was first unveiled in 1996. It serves as a tribute to the brand’s 250 years of history and is a testament to its quality and its stark recognition amongst spirit connoisseurs.

According to Drinks Business, the cognac is made using some of the rarest eaux-de-vie from Hennessy’s reserves, aged between 40 to 50 years and up to 150 years old. The 40% ABV expression further features notes of leather and candied fruits.

Noting on the same, Hennessy master blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde stated that the liquid further boasts tinges of orange peel and tobacco. As for the decanter, it features a ‘contemporary’ design and is made using Baccarat crystal.

In addition to the main bottle, Libeskind has also designed accessories for the cognac, including glasses, a fusil, and a tray. He is said to have taken inspiration from the founder’s ‘intense and complex’ characteristics, with the entire range taking him three to four years to develop.

Commenting on it, Libeskind, in a statement, said, “There is a complexity, process, and structure to cognac, just as there is in architecture. I am inspired by the interplay of history and the future – a particular magic happens when the two come together.”

He further added, “And I relish bringing a myriad of ideas from different areas to the design process because I believe it elevates and brings new meaning to design.” The Richard Hennessy decanter will be available in the UK onward mid-March for $6,800 each.
Care to get your hands on one?

[Via: The Drinks Business]

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