Hennessy partners with tattoo artist Scott Campbell for its limited edition bottles

In an attempt to create an impressive range of limited edition bottles, well-known cognac brand Hennessy has joined hands with famous tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Who had thought tattoo artistry and cognac making can go hand in hand? Proving us wrong, Campbell and Hennessy have collaborated to create quite a masterpiece.

Hennessy-x-Scott-Campbell-limited-edition-bottles (2)
Campbell and Hennessy have an equal heritage in their contrasting businesses, with Campbell being a celebrated tattoo artist and proud owner of his tattoo parlor, “Saved Tattoo” in NY, and LVMH owned Hennessy being a prestigious cognac brand for over two centuries. Being a true artist that he is, Campbell visited the French region of cognac where he studied the drawings and notes of James Hennessy, the second generation cognac maker of the 250-year-old legacy, and culminated his artistry into the design. As a translation of James Hennessy’s love for freedom and travel, the bottle dons a distinctive winged artwork. The design also features Hennessy’s peculiar signature with three stars and a quote, “Love without Hesitation” on the back, which reflects Campbell’s philosophy of becoming invincible. As a part of this epic collaboration, Campbell will tour the United States in association with Hennessy, making three stops at Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Each of these very limited edition bottles of 750ml each is priced at $35 each. The series will also offer a limited set of Deluxe wooden boxes which will contain a numbered flash with a leathered sleeve, a sketchbook containing works of Campbell, and a keepsake booklet that gives a deeper insight on this collaborative series. Each of these deluxe sets will be available at $150 each. For all collectors and lovers of cognac, these limited edition beauties will be available at select retail outlets from the beginning of July. With such a unique conception, Hennessy is sure to garner attention, much like its previous limited editions.

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