Higher the heels, higher the discount – Only at the Hilton, Osaka

Aren’t we so sick and tired of hearing how high heels are harmful for our posture and bones! If that isn’t enough, females also receive immense flak for spending way “too much” on stilettoes. However, your pointy-toed love is no waste, especially in Japan. Quiet, recently Hilton Osaka has announced a discount scheme for females with high heels at their bar!

The exclusive offer, officially named as “The High Heels Ladies’ Night Discount”, will run at the hotel’s plush café/bar called “My Place” and will offer slash on bills for the ladies up to 40 percent. As part of scheme, higher heels can fetch you higher discounts, ensuring that the fairer sex, for once, receives incentives (and not backslash) for them’ stilettoes! However, there’s a catch here, which you probably wouldn’t mind anyway. As per the Hotel’s policy, your high heeled footwear can qualify as that only if it measures five centimeter/two inches or more. This minimum height will fetch you a 10 percent off on non-course meal menu options and the bar’s craft beers, organic wines, and cocktails.

Each additional two centimeters of heel height further ups the discount, with heels measuring seven to nine centimeters and 13 to 15 centimeters shaving 15 to 30 percent off your tab respectively! Females wearing footwear higher than that can also get a special bonus and a 40 percent off at the Hilton Osaka! This certainly calls for a trip to Japan with a visit to “My place” being on top of the itinerary!


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