Indulge in an exotic white truffle afternoon tea at Tosca, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

The exotic and seasonal white truffles are in season and Tosca at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong celebrates this with the debut of White truffle afternoon tea in November and December. Truffles are quite highly priced and rightly known as the “Diamond of the Kitchen”. They are highly sought after for their earthy and subtle aroma and the fact that they are available for a very limited period of the year normally during fall

Michelin-starred Chef Pino Lavarra along with Executive Pastry Chef Richard Long have created an irresistible menu with savory dishes and sinfully delicious desserts featuring this gastronomic delight .

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This afternoon tea set up definitely raises the bar for afternoon soirees and promises you an afternoon to remember.

“Burrata cheese risotto” is a bite size version of the classic white truffle recipe. The intensely flavoured white truffle shavings enhance the taste of the risotto. White truffle is generally known to be used in savory dishes but Chef Richard adds a creative twist to these and presents an array of delicious desserts with this ingredient. “Topinambur Ice Cream” is his personal favourite while the “Hazelnut Nougat Cream Meringue is another must try item on the menu.

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This Afternoon Tea is served only on Saturday afternoons during the month of November and December. To make the most of the availability of truffles, Tosca also organizes Sunday Brunch caleed “Your very own whole white truffle” where guests can get a whole piece of white truffle and have it generously shaved on their dishes from the buffet spread. The Sunday brunch will be available from November onwards.

The cost of the Afternoon Tea will be approximately $75 plus tax.

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