Japanese McDonald’s cafes will now get French macarons for a limited time!

It seems like everything is better in Japan, trains, KitKats and even McDonald’s! The fast food chain is all about burgers and fries in the states but in the Land of the Rising Sun McDonalds gets an upgrade with macarons imported from France. Yep, you read that right, four macaron flavours are coming to McCafe by Barista outlets across Japan and they will all be made in France (just like the best desserts are!).

The flavours are Raspberry, Citron, Chocolate and Vanilla, so nothing pathbreaking, but impressive nonetheless. They are all limited edition and are packaged in a special white box. You can buy a set of three in the “Takeout Box” for 450 yen or about $4.

McDonald’s in the USA and other countries, if you’re listening we protest this gross injustice and demand some made-in-France macarons for the holidays!


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