Johnnie Walker pays an ode to Game of Thrones again with Fire and Ice whiskies

Johnnie Walker continues its collaboration with the GOT Franchise with two new special edition whiskies. After introducing the much-famed White Walker in October 2014, followed by the eight limited edition single malts, the marquee is now back with two new Game of Thrones inspired spirits- each being smooth, unique and every bit good in their packaging and palettes.

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We’re talking about the exclusive – Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and Song of Fire editions that the brand recently introduced in the market. The former, inspired by the Direwolves used as the sigil for the House of Stark commands rich flavors with a ‘crisp, clean taste’ and notes of ‘vanilla and tropical fruit’ while the latter inspired by the dragons commanded by Daenerys Targaryen boasts of ‘subtle smoke tempered by a rich, rounded sweetness’.

Both the whiskies are bottled at 40.2% -40.8 % abv and are made available in graphic decanters that represent elements for the respective houses that they represent. While the exclusive spirits will be available in the US from August for around US$43, as well as on pre-order on a ‘first come, first served basis’ from, the rest of the world will have to wait until October to get their hands on them. And whether or not the delay will be worth all the GOT-inspired awesomeness is for time to tell!