Karim Rashid designs premium bottles for Pepsi

Working in collaboration with PepsiCo, New York based designer Karim Rashid has created three slick new bottles for the brand’s iconic cola drink. Called the Prestige Pepsi range, these designs were even showcased at Milan Design Week. The lightweight aluminum bottles are gently tapered and feature different colors and designs that correspond to Pepsi’s regular, Light and Max variants.

“The bottle that we did, which was a four-year project, is very complex,” said Rashid, “The technology to produce it is all new, even just the feeling of the bottles themselves, everything has to be completely reconsidered when you go on a big shift like that.”
The bottles were displayed in transparent panels in large blue pillars reminiscent of the beam like structures that form when stalactites and stalagmites meet. Rashid has also created accessories, including an ice bucket, glassware and tray, to go with the Prestige Pepsi Bottles.

Predictably, these bottes won’t be made available for public consumption. We hear that the only places to get your hands on one are events hosted or sponsored by the PepsiCo.

[ Via : Dezeen ]

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